Just what is an eddorre?

Ready for your fill of extreme geeky-ness?

A character from a book or an RPG character? Both. Sorta. First of all the name is actually Eddor-re. What seems like an eternity ago, I created a character for a table-top “superhero” role-playing game that I was running as Game Master.

I can’t really remember where I got the first part, but the last part is borrowed from the character, Tomar-Re, which was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. Interestingly enough, Eddore was also a member of the Green Lantern Corps which is named after a planet in E.E. “Doc” Smit’s Lensmen series of novels (which I’ve never read).

My pronunciation is: “ed-door ray”. As my friend Jason has pointed out, when said quickly, it sounds like “Etta Ray”.

About this site

This site is running a custom blogging engine that runs off of Ruby on Rails. It’s currently at version 4. It uses the following plugins or gems:

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About my tools

Often people want to know what other people are using for their toolset. Here is a sampling of the tools that I use:


  • 2Ghz Mac Mini with 4GB of memory and 320GB drive
  • MacBook Pro with 4GB of memory and 320GB drive
  • Two Dell S2409W 24" widescreen LCDs
  • Western Digital 320 GB external hard drive for Time Machine backups

Web Development

  • Textmate – It’s my only code editor. HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Javascript…this thing does it all.
  • Safari – Use it more than Firefox now.
  • xScope – Fantastic little program that displays rulers, color sampler, overlay guides on the screen over any application.
  • Adobe Creative Suite Web Edition – Another staple; Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Flash and more.
  • Transmit – My only FTP client.
  • Parallels – Virtual machine software. Handy for when I need to load up Windows or Linux to test something.


  • Adium – My IM client. Does everything I need it to.
  • Billings – Awesome for keeping track of time for consulting. Makes invoices and receipts too.
  • Mailplane – Ever since switching to use GMail, this is my email client.
  • NetNewsWire – My RSS reader.
  • Launchbar – Application launcher and more.
  • Tweetie for Mac – Twitter client.
  • 1Password – Saves and creates password for anything. I can’t live without this.
  • CoRD – Open Source Remote Desktop client. Lightweight alternative to Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client.

Video Games

I’m an avid video gamer and have been since the early Atari days. Boy I’m dating myself by that statement. My obligatory Xbox Live GamerCard is below.

What is the symbol at the end of the page?

It is a Japanese Kanji. It is pronounced “shuu” and it means finish, last, or complete.

What is the symbol next to some of the comments?

It is a Japanese Kanji. It is pronounced “kyaku” and it means guest or visitor.